✿ 20 Day Glossier Review ✿

✿ 20 Day Glossier Review ✿

I was really excited last month to place my first ever Glossier order! I’m really not very knowledgeable on skin care (I spent 2 solid weeks last month trying to learn about it and was so overwhelmed, if anyone is enthusiastic enough about it to want to spend some time breaking it all down for me, I’d really appreciate it 😭) but the last few days I’ve been receiving an increasing number of questions about how I’m liking it all, so I thought I’d better write up a post that I could redirect people to!

I (think I) have combination-oily skin, have been using the products for around 20 days total, and here’s how I’m feeling:

Milky Jelly Cleanser 🎀

I really really like this product! It has a really nice, smooth consistency and faint rose-y smell, and though the bottle recommends up to 2 pumps, I find that 1 pump is the perfect amount for my whole face, which definitely makes me feel better about the cost.

I genuinely noticed an immediate difference to my skin the first time I used it and over the last 20 days it’s cleared up the redness around my chin and nose incredibly, and made a really big difference to the scarring on my chin. I'll definitely be repurchasing it when I run out! 

Super Pure Serum 🎀

I’ve only used this product twice so far, but both times it’s broken me out in tiny pimples in places that I’ve literally/genuinely never had spots before!?

I’m really disappointed as it seems to be a holy grail product for so many, but at the moment I’m not really sure that I want to use it further! Usually the only problem area that I experience breakouts is on and around my chin, but this gave me tiny pimples on my cheeks, forehead and around the edges of my face. Super sad about it! 😟

Balm Dot Com 🎀

I got the ‘birthday’ flavour which smells pretty good (though not that impressive), but this is honestly a really standard product for the steep price of £10. It seems to be pretty hydrating but after a week of use the product appears to have separated up inside the tube and now its all oily? I’d still like to try the cherry tint version of this balm but as a compulsive lip chewer I think I’ll probably be sticking to reliable Carmex.

Priming Moisturizer 🎀

This is a product that I was really nervous about trying due to it’s heavily mixed reviews, but I think I really like it! I apply it after cleansing before bed, and along with the Milky Jelly Cleanser I think it’s really helping to make a difference to the clarity and evening-out of my skin tone. I’ll be reordering this too, I think!

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack 🎀

I only used this product for the first time yesterday, but I think I like it. It definitely helped clear up/calm down the break-out caused by the serum so I’m grateful for that! My face was super red and patchy in tone for around 45 minutes after removing the mask, which had me a bit nervous and unsettled. I’m not 100% sure how I feel just yet, but I’ll definitely try it again and feed-back if people are interested!

Moisturizing Moon Mask 🎀

This is the only item that I still haven’t used yet, but if people are interested I can update when I’ve tried it!

Boy Brow (brown) 🎀

This is a really nice product for keeping my brow hairs in place and I love it for that, but it doesn’t make much difference to the colour and definitely doesn’t do much to fill them in as it’s supposed to! I think I’d repurchase it as a brow-fixer as I find it much nicer than most of the high-street products that I’ve tried, but I’m not as excited as most about this!

To sum up, I really like:

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser
  • Priming Moisturizer

Am still hopeful about:

  • Mega Greens Galaxy Pack
  • Moisturizing Moon Mask
  • Trying the tinted Balm Dot Com

And am not totally convinced on:

  • Super Pure Serum
  • the 'birthday' flavour Balm Dot Com
  • Boy Brow in brown (and it's ability to 'fill')


Anyone can comment below as a guest, so let me know if you have any thoughts about these products or any suggestions for products that you’d like to see me try in the future! I’m super interested in hearing about others experiences and favourite products, too!

Thanks for reading! ✿

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