Reflecting on March (ft. Squares 📷)

Reflecting on March (ft. Squares 📷)

March has simultaneously felt very long and very short. It's not been a particularly exciting month, but it has been a very content month. I managed to recover my productivity in the first week (after spending most of February in a foggy haze of executive dysfunction) and so i've mostly just been at home, working away.

My days tend to revolve around working and eating in shifts, with documentaries and podcasts on in the background. I work until lunch, I make and eat lunch, I pick work back up until dinner. After dinner I usually stop working and catch-up on my current tv shows, play sims and talk to my family and/or friends until I go to bed.

A lot of people consider this to be very dull or uninspiring, but for me it's ideal! Being in the habit and routine of working and eating regularly/properly is always a big personal victory, and being 'stuck' in this routine is when I feel and function my best. I love moving surely and somewhat robotically/auto-pilot-y through my days. It makes me feel goood. Thanks, inertia. 

This month my nails were very pink and very sparkly, i'm still wearing jeans and enjoying it (thankfully), and am eager to get my capsule wardrobe back on track now that getting dressed feels that bit easier. And as i'm working consistently again, i've been trying to focus on introducing other healthy habits into my life, too.

I made a pact with myself to start going to the cinema again- it's something that I used to do a lot and fell out of the habit of, and then became nervous and struggled to justify/resolve with the cost of going alone to myself. But as I don't concentrate well on films while watching at home, it meant that I was just never seeing any of the films that I wanted to see or that I thought looked appealing at all.

I saw three films total in March, which in my opinion was very successful. And though out of the three I saw one with a friend, i'm now completely comfortable with going alone, and will absolutely continue to do so. There's something very very satisfying about coming home and taking a nice photo of my ticket before gluing it into my journal/personal sketchbook. The cinema has definitely become one of my absolute favourite pass-times or weekly activities (so much so that i've actually ended up shuffling my monthly budget around to include/make room for cinema trips 😂😭), and i'm aiming to see at least two films a month from here on out as it brings me sooo much joy.

Another healthy habit that i'm working hard to pick back up is making time every day to draw in my personal sketchbook/journal. Since I focus on uni work all day every day (approaching deadlines 😥), it's easy for me to lose touch with keeping my personal notebooks up to date, which is something that's very important to me.

I've started bringing my little notebook everywhere with me, and am trying to force myself to return to being comfortable with drawing people in coffee shops, on the bus, on the train, in the park etc. It's hard but I think i'm gradually getting there. If i've stayed home, I try to lend a couple of my evening/after dinner hours to filling a couple of pages with something, anything.

My notebooks and sketchbooks tend to be very text/writing heavy which always seems to surprise people as i'm an illustrator, but this is something that i'm trying to make peace with as I wouldn't be comfortable any other way! I have aphantasia which is the partial (or in my case) total lack of the ability to think visually, so my head is very wordy, and therefore so are my books!

On Easter Sunday, I ended up on a very spontaneous outing to see my lovely friend Sara, who was visiting London from America with her 'ma' (😊). It was really really lovely to spend the afternoon and evening meandering the galleries and museums with them, catching up and talking about the many and slight differences between the American and British ways of talking and life!

It was reassuring to spend a day exploring London and getting to know my favourite galleries and spaces again, and I now feel as though maybe (just maybe) moving out of Cambridge and back to London wont be quite so painful.

After returning home that evening, I started work on a list of all the places and things that i'd like to see when I move back- it ended up so long that I think it'll keep me busy and distracted from my Cambridge-heartache for a few months at least 😌🎒. 

April and May (and even June) will be very busy months, so i'm grateful that March has been quiet and content.  Hopefully I can keep on track and things will go well!

I hope that you're all doing well and that March has been kind to you! Anyone can comment below as a guest, so please feel free to let me know what you've been up to or loving this month as i'm very curious and always looking for new books, movies, tv shows & things to do 😌🌟

Thanks for reading! âœ¿


This month I have been:

✿  Watching: Gilmore Girls, Jane the Virgin, Riverdale & A Series of Unfortunate Events (netflix)

✿   Reading: The Netscher Connection & The Roubaud Connection by Estelle Ryan

✿  Listening: Amazing Grace by Elvis Presley & Fell In Love With A Girl byThe White Stripes

✿  Loving: The colour pink & donuts (still), going to the cinema

Cambridge Snow Squares 📷🌨

Cambridge Snow Squares 📷🌨