✿ Setting up My New Bullet Journal ✿

✿ Setting up My New Bullet Journal ✿

I’ve been unofficially bullet-journaling now for approximately four years, but this is the fourth or fifth A6 Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal that I’ve started, so I thought it might be nice to talk about how I set them up, how I use these ~important~ pages, and why I feel they’re necessary.

The pages have evolved a little but not much with each new book started, as I’m more focused on keeping things simple, clear to read and efficient, rather than always trying or testing something new, and I usually only change or add things if I feel like my current system isn’t working well enough anymore.

Starting from the third image (top-right), this is how I set-up my bullet journals:

1)    The ‘title page’ for my personal future log, a.k.a. a space for a pretty picture (or some stickers) and the colour-code key for the future log.

2)    This is what my future log looks like. Its primarily a space for me to be able to view the coming months visually, as I struggle with understanding/grasping dates and times in my head. Using the colour-code key from the previous page, I can make notes about upcoming events, schedule appointments and keep an eye on how busy the upcoming weeks or months are getting. Though I’ve only pictured two, I usually draw out 3 months for a future log. This time I’ve drawn out four months, to take me to the end of the academic semester.

3)    This image shows my notes page- I have one at the end of each future log section, to jot down unscheduled or unconfirmed plans or anything else that needs noting but isn’t definite enough to be logged. Next to it is the title page for my academic future log, which is un-pictured as it’s exactly the same as picture 2.

4)    The academic notes page functions exactly the same as the personal notes page- I jot down unconfirmed lectures or make notes about my work or whatever I need to remember that doesn’t warrant it’s own separate list. Next to it is my weather key (the stickers are by ‘Notes and Clips’ on etsy)- I like to track the temperature and weather on each of my daily pages. Not for any particular reason, but because I enjoy it and find it very satisfying (I’m a bit of an information hoarder).

5)    Page 5 shows my monthly spread. This is a revised version of my old monthly spreads, as I wanted more room for notes, to-dos and schedules. It’s very similar to my future log, but here I keep track of more specific and mundane things, where the future log is for more out-of-the-blue one-time-thing events. In my monthly spreads I have lots more room to write- scheduled plans, events and appointments, birthdays, a list of things to get done that month and unscheduled plans, events and appointments.  

6)    ‘Done in’ is a newer monthly spread that I use to jot down what I do/did on each day. I have trouble with brain fog and my memory, so this is just a log for myself to be able to refer back to. I often have big gaps missing in the month where I forgot to note down my day and can no longer remember!

7)    The last spread that I include when setting up a new planner (and whenever setting up a new month) is a moodboard. I have aphantasia, which is the inability to think or recall visually (in my ‘minds eye’), but I am a very visually oriented person so I find great satisfaction is creating a themed board for the ~mood~ of the month. The imagery is chosen depending on how I’m feeling, any specific aims or events for the month, what I’ve been developing new interests in etc. It’s a space to visually depict my vision, goals, hopes and themes for the month, and it's really cool to look back through previous months and planners, and have a visual representation of how I felt at the time.

So! that's how I set up each new bullet-journal. The only thing i've changed this time around is adding the additional month to each section of my future log, and I switched my classic grey hard-back notebook for the black soft-cover. Not really for any particular reason other than that I was getting a little bored! However, when the new notebook arrived I was more than pleased (and a little smug) to realise that it fits extremely neatly into the tiny pocket on the back of my handbag. Happy happy.

You can watch flip-through videos of my previously completed bullet-journal videos on my youtube channel: here. 

Thanks for reading! ✿

Reflecting on February (ft. Squares 📷)

Reflecting on February (ft. Squares 📷)