Miscellaneous Client & Commission Work

Andreas Vesalius

A set of two postcards on Andreas Vesalius for an academic client.

Custom Phone Lockscreens & Backgrounds


An ongoing project started in August 2018, initially as a summer project designed to enable me to offer affordable commissions to my followers. It’s proven to be valuable not only in helping me grow closer to my supporters but in ensuring I continue to work on composition, unfamiliar subject matter, observational drawing and working to client and brief specifications in the early months after graduation.

Current number done: 23



Heidi's Ballyneety Bakes

A series of logos made for the use of and labelling of the products of an independent baking company, based in London and specialising in Irish soda bread and mini sponge cakes. The house in the label is a response to the name of the company, which is inspired by family history in Ireland and the inspiration for the business.


A header made for their website: ( https://www.heidisballyneetybakes.com )


Katie & Phil.JPG

Couples Portrait Commission

Commissioned portrait of a couple surrounded by their favourite belongings and things, to be framed for a birthday gift. Drawn up at A4 at request of client, with reserved use of colour.



A choice of logos made for a client nominated for a business competition. The idea for the business is an app and website that creates a community for independent stores and businesses, as well as helping potential customers to find and identity independent options near them.