A collection of works from my third and final year on the BA illustration course at Cambridge School of Art. 


Brief 1: Clowns

A series of six illustrations in response to research on Joseph Grimaldi, showing six different types of clowns. As shown: an Auguste, Hobo, Pierrot, Character, Bozo and a Harlequin: Joseph Grimaldi. 



Brief 2: Oliver Sacks

A series of four narrative illustrations, responding to The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks.



Brief 3: Habitats

A zine created in response to the word 'habitat,' focusing on the small details in my bedroom that make it feel like home.



Final Major Project: A Book of Bright Things


A book created for the self-directed final major project of my BA illustration degree, about remembering to acknowledge the good, small everyday things.

A square 18x18cm book that I plan to get printed by Blurb in the near future.

A number of the pages are shown below (click to enlarge individual images).