✿ About:

Small and slightly whimsical autistic illustrator based in London, graduate of BA illustration at Cambridge School of Art. I mostly work in little A6 sketchbooks & digitally (much larger) on my iPad.

My work is inspired by my day-to-day life and experiences, my varied interests and an enthusiasm for learning and adventuring that i’ve never quite been able to shake. I collect and document information in A6 notebooks- strings of conversation overheard on buses, the scrawled hand of a person in a coffee shop, tickets, thoughts, notes and little doodled houses among observational drawings. All of these things influence and inspire my work and drive to create, and these smaller, slightly odd sketchbook bits pop back up in my larger, detailed digital work. 

As well as being autistic I have aphantasia, which is the partial or (as in my case) complete lack of the ability to think visually. This & being autistic heavily influence my love and attention for detail, colour, texture and observational drawing.

I am keen on creating work to document & express.

✿ Contact:

You can email me directly at ( meganrhiannonillustration@gmail.com ).