Personal Works

(newer works towards the top, older works towards the bottom)

Meet Me at the Automat

(October 2018)

Work created in response to research on old Automat restaurants.


Good Luck Card Design

(August 2018)

A design for a thank you/good luck card to include free with orders from my online store.


The Unofficial Field Trip Society

(July 2018)

A design for a pin badge, sticker and patch. Potential future idea for a zine or book series.

Made into a 35mm hard-enamel pin in October 2018, complete with high polish gold plating and an illustrated backing card.


Jonesing for Halloween in June

(June 2018)


An Illustration on Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn

(June 2018)



(June 2018)


Thinking About Summer

(May 2018)


Everyday Book


Postcard Designs

(For my degree show at Cambridge School of Art).


Some Autistic Feels: Zine

A mini-zine folded down from two A4 sheets of paper, exploring some feelings, thoughts and common themes that come with being autistic.

Mostly visual with few words, the zine is a compilation of observational drawings and an exploration of colour, texture and pattern.

Bound securely with a short length of purple thread, the zine can be opened up and used as a poster if desired (though not necessarily recommended with  this particular zine).

This zine is often sold in batches in my etsy store (@ petitegloom : link). It is not a limited release and will be continually restocked (though currently not on any specific dates).



Mugshots of Cambridge

A book made in the second year of my illustration degree in spring 2017, documenting and rating local coffee shops and their customers in Cambridge.