Personal Works

(newer works towards the top, older works towards the bottom)

Jonesing for Halloween in June

(June 2018)


An Illustration on Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn

(June 2018)



(June 2018)


Thinking About Summer

(May 2018)


Postcard Designs

(For my degree show at Cambridge School of Art).


Some Autistic Feels: Zine

A mini-zine folded down from two A4 sheets of paper, exploring some feelings, thoughts and common themes that come with being autistic.

Mostly visual with few words, the zine is a compilation of observational drawings and an exploration of colour, texture and pattern.

Bound securely with a short length of purple thread, the zine can be opened up and used as a poster if desired (though not necessarily recommended with  this particular zine).

This zine is often sold in batches in my etsy store (@ petitegloom : link). It is not a limited release and will be continually restocked (though currently not on any specific dates).


Odds and Ends

(small assorted personal works)


Mugshots of Cambridge

A book made in the second year of my illustration degree in spring 2017, documenting and rating local coffee shops and their customers in Cambridge.