Pride and Prejudice prompt week on Instagram, 2019

(hosted by @angelynpeh and @chey.barton)

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Day 1: Sunrise

Day 2: Dress

Day 3: Moors

Day 4: Books

Day 5: Dance

Day 6: Letter


Day 7: Hands



Commonplace, 2019

An A6 zine with 32 full-colour pages exploring a number of everyday subjects and feelings.

(available for purchase in my shop)



Monthly Favourites, 2019




Custom Phone Lock-screens & Backgrounds, 2019-Current

An ongoing project started in August 2018, initially as a summer project designed to enable me to offer affordable commissions to my followers.  It’s proven to be valuable not only in helping me grow closer to my supporters but in ensuring I continue to work on composition, unfamiliar subject matter, observational drawing and working to client and brief specifications in the early months after graduation.

Current number done:  27

(not all shown)